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TOTW: Firebug Console

This is a special Tool of the Week, because it focuses on a sub-set of a larger tool. This week's Tool of the Week is the console feature of the Firefox extension Firebug by Joe Hewitt, Rob Campbell, FirebugWorkingGroup.

What it does:

Allows you to run commands and play with the JavaScript on a web page, as well as output information from a webpage through a dos/shell style console; all from within the browser window. It's as if you "opened the hood" of the browser and started running diagnostics/talking to the robot that controls the page display.

When you need it:

  • prototyping JavaScript
  • debugging JavaScript
  • writing JavaScript

How to use it:

Please note that this doesn't even BEGIN to scratch the surface of the power of this little tool. Check out the documentation, here and here.

The Example:

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