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TOTW:Hallelujah Button

This week's tool of the week is the Hallelujah button.

What it does:

Plays an instant hallelujah chorus sound effect.

When you need it:

Ever work for a long time on a bug or a problem that is just horribly awful to try and figure out? Then when you finally do you just want to stand up and shout? Enter the Hallelujah button. The perfect sound effect for just such an occasion.

Yeah, this week's tool of the week was a little weak. I made the Hallelujah button one day last week when I was bored. Then when I was done I noticed, which is basically the same thing. Oops. Oh well... So this post serves the dual purpose of being this week's tool of the week and being the announcement of

Hoping to put a poll for people to say how they spelled hallelujah (hardly anyone knows how to spell it) as well as a daily hallelujah counter.