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This is a test. Yes, I know, it looks like a brag blog, but it's a test. In fact, don't even read this post.

I signed up for google alerts on the words "chomperstomp", "status bar calculator" and "christopher mcculloh" just out of curiosity. I'm trying to figure out how it works, so I specifically put those phrases in here to see if Google lets me know that someone (me) posted about those phrases.

So far I've been surprised by what I found:

1. The Status Bar Calculator has been downloaded at least 30,000 times (wha??? Crap. I had really, really better get working on v2.0...)

2. I'm in Technorati for my math posts on the ball rolling game (which have actually been my most successful posts to date in terms of reader interest, again, what???)

So, the entire point of this post (other than to test my Google alerts) is that I have to put this tag in my blog in order to claim it as my own:

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