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“Dell Wars” Episode VI – Return of the… Sith?

I've chronicled my disastrous flirtations with Dell computers in the past, and thought that my struggles were over. Alas, here is episode VI...

Every computer I own is a dell. Why? Because they used to be good. After a year of fighting with dell, they finally sent me an xps 410 (to replace my crappy xps 400).

I upgraded my RAM a while back because the 1GB just wasn't doing it.

So now I'm playing through Half Life 2 Episode 2 with the developer's commentary on. I'm going after the larva in the chapter where the antlion gaurdian chases you through the tunnels. Just after you have to break through the boards to escape him and you drop through the floor. As soon as I run down the hall, at the exact moment I am approaching the medic passing the hall light on the left side the game freezes and there is a memory error. It happens every time. I have done everything short of uninstalling my antivirus program to try and fix it. It has happened at the exact same moment every time for the last 12 times.

This is not happening to anyone else, just me. Why? It has to be something to do with my stupid freaking dell. Probably the built in (to the motherboard) sound-card. At least now I'm not getting the blue screen of death, it just quits the program.

I am never buying a dell again. Ever. Yes, this is the billionth time I've said that, but this is just a nail in the already soldered shut coffin for dell with me.

dell == hell.


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  1. Money?

    Plus Mac would be Microsoft if they could just figure out how.

    I Think the real answer is just a good Alienware desktop (or something like that). If I switch to a different OS, I think it will be Linux…

  2. Yes, Alienware FTW. Is Falcon Northwest still around? I heard they made good stuff.

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