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Fixing Dell XPS 410 Front Panel Error Codes 3 & 4

Does your Dell XPS 410 just sit there with a solid green 3 & 4 and refuse to boot up? Mine does!
Have you tried the suggested Dell method of removing RAM to find the bad stick? I Have!
Does your computer, even with no RAM in it still indicate that same error code? Mine does!

Well good! For a limited time only, I have the solution to your problem! That's right, turn that paper weight into a super great! (Huh?)

Unplug it. Wait 30 seconds. Plug it back in. Try turning it on again. It should:

1. Boot up fine! (this means your RAM is A-OK, and that the error codes are just indicative of the fact that your computer is a piece of crap. Duh! You got a Dell!)

2. Error code again. (Take out a RAM stick and put a different one in and repeat the process of unplugging etc. till it boots up)

3. Error code different. If you hear beeps and just have a 1 showing, it means you took them all out and unplugged it and waited 30 seconds (or two minutes or longer) and then plugged it back in. That's what I finally did. It accomplished some sort of hard reboot or something and cleared it's memory or whatever. Torn it off, throw in some RAM (one stick if you don't mind), and plug her in and boot her up. Should work unless you threw in the bad RAM.

If all this fails it means that all your RAM went bad at once. If so, please comment so i can know there's someone out there more hated by their ocursed Dell minion than me! 😀

So, again, the lesson here is that Dell sucks and no one should ever buy a Dell ever and that I hate Dell, and that I will never buy one again (and have put my money where my mouth is and although I have 10 Dells in my home, my most recent purchase was an HP).

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  1. dude omfg my ram went bad all at once im trying your turn off wait 30 seconds methods hope it works for me thanks dude

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  3. thank you for this post it really helped me…..

  4. I too had an XPS 410 with the same problem.

    I tried the unplug / replug but did not work.

    I tested the power supply and all voltages we within .5V so that was not the problem.

    I pulled all the ram out and tried each of the 4 sticks 1 by one. None of them worked.

    I replaced with 4 new sticks, booted up fine.

    I did get after that one or two occurances of lights 1,2,3 on and no boot but restarted and it came right up.

    I did notice after inspecting the caps that the 2 caps in the corner of the board near the memory slots were bulging. That could be part of the problem, they may regulate the ram voltage. I have not replaced them yet.

    I should note that this pc has worked flawless for years and this failure was after a hurricaine wiped out power in the area for over a week.

    As the power company was repairing downed lines and transformers everywhere, as they would energize the grid we’d get slammed with power and it would go out again and then the same thing repeatedly for almost a week, so I assume the rediculous power surges, brownouts, etc is what killed the ram.

    We’ll see if theres any more issues now that the ram is replaced.

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