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Eclipse, back in the runnings…

Well, I uninstalled Eclipse... Because I wanted to reinstall the J2EE edition. It's so much better, as it comes standard with .jsp formatting. At this point I have forgiven it for my macro woes.

I'm co-authoring a "For Dummies" book at the moment (more on that later) and will be using an eclipse variant for it called Aptana. This should allow me to get a thorough understanding and feel for eclipse from a PHP standpoint. On the same day I accepted the book deal I also got a new job. No longer will I be a Java Programmer by trade, but now I will be a PHP programmer (yay!). I'll still use eclipse to write this game though (If I continue with the decision to use Java for the game. I want to keep up on my Java skills so it will be beneficial to do so).

So basically, since the primary author is using Eclipse for his portions of the book, I will have to use it for mine (I'm only writing 200 of the 900 pages. I'm writing on PHP and AJAX) which means it is officially back in the running to replace Textpad as my editor of choice.

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  1. Congrats on the new job and the book! Those both sound awesome. What a great week for the McCullohs! Now it’s my turn to get a raise…. :)

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