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Downgrading my Mozy account and getting a refund

Let's go on a little journey.

Back in August I heard an advertisement from Carbonite online backup. I thought, you know? What the heck, I've been thinking/worrying about this for two years. I'll give it a try. So I did. Unfortunately, I was in the Firefox web browser. For some reason, you can't successfully download and install Carbonite through Firefox, EVEN THOUGH they have a Firefox specific download page. After 3 days of messing with this, uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting, online chatting (their online chat helper person sucks btw), they FINALLY thought to ask what browser I was in and then informing me it doesn't work with Firefox. CARBONITE FAIL.

So, I went to their direct competitor, Mozy. I signed up for the free 2GB trial account. My backups completed just fine every day for four months. SOLD!

I sign up for the unlimited account. Just the monthly version at this time because I'm a skeptic and don't want to hand them $100 before I even see it work fully once.

After two months of not being able to do a full back up (I actually was able to get 71GB of my total 250GB backed up before it failed one time) I'm ready to cancel. I've already been told by the Mozy support tech I've been bouncing e-mails off of for two weeks that I'll be refunded both payments that I've already been charged.

As I said, I've been bouncing e-mails off of Mozy and they are trying to figure out what is wrong. I've e-mailed them log files, etc, and the last thing they said was there is a conflict with my Symantec (a bunch of errors in their logs). I don't have Symantec installed anymore (I think I uninstalled a month ago) so I was going to uninstall and re-install Mozy, but after I uninstalled I felt I'd rather just opt out of the reinstallation and go with another option.

I went through the online chat to see how that refund they promised me 10 days ago was coming. Then I requested to be downgraded back to the free account (I don't want to delete my account until they refund my money). Here's how that went:

(full chat log):

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Mubarak'
Mubarak: Welcome to Mozy Live Support. May I have your account email address please?
Christopher McCulloh: REDACTED
Mubarak: Thank you. How are you doing?
Christopher McCulloh: ok, you?
Mubarak: I am doing good. Thank you for asking.
Mubarak: How may I assist you?
Christopher McCulloh: As you may be able to see from my case history, I was supposed to receive a refund for all charges due to the fact that I have not yet been able to complete a backup
Mubarak: Do you have any case ID for the same?
Christopher McCulloh: REDACTED
Mubarak: Thank you, let me check.
Mubarak: I see that this ticket is under research team.
Mubarak: I am checking your account on the Mozy server.
Mubarak: Thank you Christopher, The actual ticket for the refund is REDACTED
Mubarak: I have checked the status and the billing team is working on it to get you the refund.
Mubarak: I will add a note to them about this.
Christopher McCulloh: Ok, how long will that take?
Mubarak: I will update them to make it as quick as possible.
Mubarak: I cannot promise you the exact time.
Christopher McCulloh: ok. Thank you.
Mubarak: Welcome Christopher.
Mubarak: Is there anything else I might help you with today?
Christopher McCulloh: Yes, how do I downgrade back to the free 2GB account?
Mubarak: For that you will have to cancel the existing account completely, or sign up for the free account with a different email address.
Christopher McCulloh: hrm... ok. I'm not ready to do that without having received a refund. Any way to put my account on hold so I'm not charged again?
Mubarak: I will update this request as well to the billing team.
Mubarak: They will contact you via email.
Christopher McCulloh: ok, thanks
Mubarak: Welcome Christopher.
Mubarak: Thank you for contacting Mozy technical support. You have a wonderful day.
Mubarak: Bye.
Christopher McCulloh: you as well.

So, double FAIL, but we'll see how it turns out in the end. Mozy has been more than fair/friendly so far and I will definitely keep them in mind for future backup needs. Let's hope they don't ruin that for themselves by screwing me here at the end...

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  1. Sadly, Mozy’s outsourced first-line support people are utterly clueless. The answer you got was incorrect. I have first-hand experience of a paid account being downgraded to free.

    This is SOP in my experience. If they don’t know the answer, they guess, rather than escalating a ticket.

    However, I really like Mozy and the people at the company. I just think they need to get rid of this useless outsourced first line team.

  2. As someone in the support department here at Mozy, my advice is to stay patient. The folks in the refunds department are all really nice, understanding, and will make sure you get taken care of. Even if you get dinged with another charge, they’ll make sure it gets put right as soon as they get to your ticket. Have no fear!

  3. Thanks all. I really like Mozy and would love to actually be capable of using their product. Problem being that my initial backup is going to take at least two weeks, and I don’t even think my machine is capable of staying “up” that long. It’s a crappy Dell that constantly crashes, which is why I’m trying to back it up in the first place…

    I’m just glad I didn’t shell out the $100 for the year of service and I really wish Mozy had a one month unlimited trial I could have tried first to avoid this whole refund/account downgrade mess…

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