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You Dream You’re A Unicorn!

Sometimes you're just minding your own business writing code, reading specs, maying layouts, watching the yayQuery podcast... and sometimes you're sleeping. Sometimes you're dreaming. Apparently, sometimes, on very rare occasions you're dreaming you're a Unicorn!

The Gource of jQuery from yayQuery on Vimeo.

The visualization is actually quite cool (well, minus all the unicorn stuff). It's the jQuery project programmer source code commits over time.

It's like some developer smoked some crack and decided he was a magical wizard casting spells through his computer and these spells produced things called "programs" or "web pages". This programmer wanted to share his trip with the world and created something called "Gource". This will look at a project's source control history and create a visualization based on that. It's pretty amazing actually.

This video comes to us courtesy of the ever-amazing yayQuery podcast and Jonathan Neal, who is hilarious. Here's the mp3.



Did you ever stop to think about paperboy? What were all those people doing running around trying to hinder you delivering their papers to them? How sits down and goes "I've got it! I'm going to make a game about delivering newspapers!"

It just goes to show you can make a game about anything. You just have to be creative.

Anywho, here is the whole point of this post:

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A Mac… Thinking Again…

So I've been feeling more and more of an urge to start vLogging. Mostly things like recordings of me building flash games/AJAX sites set at 4x speed to music, or me solving Rubik's cubes (my new goal is to solve the 2x2x2 cube blind-folded), stuff like that.

Windows movie maker is cool and everything, but it just doesn't "do" it for me. Plus my PC can't really do video recording very well ATM (especially because I can't find the video input adapter for my video card).

I keep coming back to the Mac. Honestly, if I had $500 (or however much it cost) laying around to get a Mac mini, I probably would. The problem is, that I'm not made of money, and buying a mac is a big investment. Recently though more and more of my friends have been switching to Mac. At first I could write this off as "well, they use the computer about as much as my mom would, and for similar things". But then my boss (Jason, click the link, it's perfect for this post) at my first job used a mac to program. What? Ok, so I wrote this off as uber-geek trickery. He has somehow ported Unix or Windows programs over or something. It sort of broke my "Macs and AOL are for grandmas" rule, so I didn't try and investigate at all. Then a co-worker at my last job used his Mac to program and GAME. WhatwhatWHAT??? Yep. Ok, so I had to investigate. Turns out he just ran windows on a mac machine. I'm not paying $2000 for a mac just to run windows. But then Brad came along. He seems like somewhat of a gamer, he programs, and he's a big geek like me. So why is he using Mac? It's scary. Could I actually use a Mac? Curiosity makes me want to try.

But I can't just switch, can I? I have about 300GB worth of data on my PCs. Read that again: PCs. I have like six of them. A mac would have to be my secondary box. The one I used just for video editing. Which is why a mac mini would be great. But then there are all sorts of questions... Is it compatible with my ergonomic Microsoft keyboard that I need for my wrists? Is it compatible with my network? Is it compatible with my dell flat-panel monitor? Would I have to set up a whole station just for it, or could it sit next to my dell sandwiched between it and my external USB HD, and could I use one of my KVM switches and just flip back and forth to it?

I would be more willing to buy it if I could have a 30 trial copy to try before I buy. If Mac is so confident in their product, it seems like I should be able to walk into a store, and after giving them my CC# & DL# (in case I didn't bring it back), walk out with a mac-mini. Take it home knowing that I have to return it after 30 days, otherwise they will charge my CC and it's mine.

Now I know that's not ever going to happen. There are so few things that you can actually do that with. But I mean, your computer is like your bed. You use it more than any other thing every day. You can't test a bed for thirty days... Oh, wait, you can if it is a super expensive select comfort sleep number matress. So, the argument could be made that Mac is like the super expensive sleep number matress of computers. If that's true, I would like to try it for 30 days. Unfortunately, I can't. So I'd rather spend $200 on an awesome video card, plus some good video editing software for my PC...

But still the curiosity remains, and I feel like I'm getting closer and closer every year to springing for a little mac to try out. Maybe if I get a big bonus this spring...

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Preview of Things to Come

I'm currently working on a yet to be titled "For Dummies" book with established author Andy Harris.

I just finished up a prototype for some youtube videos we may end up doing as viral marketing for the book. The final version will be like what you can see below, except that the web page being built will actually be cool looking and interesting rather than just some database table. Also, there will be captions throughout telling what is actually being done. Like "Creating Menu" "Testing Menu" "Fixing Bug" etc...

Let me know what you think of the concept. We still haven't decided if we actually want to do this or not yet. Obviously we will have to get some different music, this is just placeholder. Also, I'm trying to decide between youtube and google video...


google video:The hi-res version can be found here.


DVDs on an iPhone/iPod?

I would never ever ever buy a movie on iTunes. It would just be stupid. Unless it were only $1, but even then... probably not. Why buy a movie that I can only watch on a tiny little screen, or on my computer? Especially when I already bought it on DVD?
I wish there was a way to take a movie I already own and put it on my iPhone.

Wait... This is America. This is the land of free music, and college crackers with nothing to do and money to spend. Surely one of them has found a way to rip a movie and put it on their iPod.

Google had the answer in the first search result.

The guide is a little outdated now, and you have to download "anyDVD" from SlySoft to get Handbrake to work right. Once you have handbrake open and are ready to rip, you have to select H.264 (Ipod) instead of just H.264. It takes about an hour per DVD (if you do a double pass to get the best quality without increasing the file size) but then you can just plop it on your iPhone and you're good to go.


You know, I would pay $.25 per movie if the studios would let me buy an encoder and charge per use to rip and burn onto my iPhone. But they are so terrified of me "distributing" my ripped content that they shoot themselves in the foot with their DRM, and force me to go and ultimately pay (I'll end up buying AndDVD when the trial wears off) someone else to crack their copy "protection" and basically only succeed in annoying me instead of befriending me. They spend money to annoy me instead of making money by befriending me. Idiots. Complete dolts and morons.

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